Our Mission

“Developing competitive swimmers in sportsmanship, leadership and excellence in all areas of life."

We view our mission at Westfield Aquatics to be of the highest importanceas we carry out our service to the Westfield community. We strive in all of our activities to further sw imming as a healthy competitive and life-time sport for youth, and to teach valuable life lessons and qualities through swimming. In all that we do, we put the welfare and safety of our athletes and staff first. We follow the policies and practices put forth by USA Swimming's Safe Sport Program and the US Center for Safe Sport. 

"Developing competitive swimmers in sportsmanship,..."
There is much to learn from competition.  Young athletes learn drive, dedication, and perseverance through adversity among many other things from competing.  There is much to be said, too, for learning how to compete in a cooperative and enthusiatic manner that encourages the best from everyone.  When we all succeed, we do better as a team and as swimming community.

Westfield Aquatics looks to develop great athletes and great people, and as a byproduct, people with great confidence in who they are and how they act.  We strive to create future leaders--not only of this team, but in whatever roles they take after swimming.  The confidence and leadership skills swimmers learn from athletic training, competition, and team structure are things that will help them throughout their lives.  Leading by example is also a key lesson we look to teach:  who you are as a swimmer and a person does matter, and how you act affects the actions of others (in both positive and negative ways!).

"and excellence in all areas of life."
How fast you are does not correlate directly to how well swimming will help you develop as a person, but how you practice, how you compete, and how you treat others will.  At Westfield Aquatics, we strive to develop great students, great athletes, and great people.