Westfield Aquatics First for our Officials

Westfield Aquatics Web Admin

Sunday, February 25, 2024 was a first for Westfield Aquatics officials.  The 2024 Last Chance Splash Time Trial swim meet was 100% staffed by Westfield Aquatics Officials. Congratulations to this dedicated team of officials!

  • Jody Chambley, Referee
  • Joe Cassidy, Admin Official
  • Michael Marsch, Admin Official
  • Gwen Morris, Starter
  • Eric Morris, Chief Judge
  • Erika Alley, Stroke & Turn Judge
  • Kaicey Everly, Stroke & Turn Judge
  • Joe Neric, Stroke & Turn Judge
  • Megan Springer, Stroke & Turn Judge

For more information about becoming an official and the benefits, please visit the WA Officials Page or reach out to Jody Chambley, Westfield Aquatics Officials Coordinator, at [email protected].